Works in Progress

My current projects are numerous.  Here’s a sampling:

Short stories:

  • In His Hands: the tale of a nun haunted by unholy visitations.
  • Bunker C: a post-apocalyptic tale that explores the remnants of the past.  Part of the Modernity series.
  • The T(h)inker: a piece on a child – a piece on a god.


  • The Bizarre: a world of fae-folk and deep magic.
    Begun 5/18/2013, currently over 85,000 words.
  • Bloodletting: a world of blood magic, and all its consequences.
    Begun 8/5/2013, currently over 10,000 words.
  • Grim Reaping: the tales of Death, and the things he must face.
    Currently a rough outline only.


  • The Worldtree Trilogy: a trilogy that follows a world of Elves and explores revolution, betrayal, conspiracy, and the will of good vs. the schemes of evil.
    Book 1: currently over 65,000 words.
    Book 2: currently over 25,000 words.
    Book 3: currently over 90,000 words.
  • The Otherworlds: the worlds that exist before and after the Worldtree, and the tales of the strange beings that inhabit them.
    Begun 6/12/2013, currently a rough outline only.

And I suppose this can’t be ignored either… my chemistry PhD:

  • Papers: still in the research phase, but there should be a paper coming out relatively soon(ish) on my current project.
  • Comprehensive examination: the thesis proposal for the research I’m going to do to earn my PhD.  Something to do with SERS biosensing.
  • The Thesis: a long way off.

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