Putting the Accent on the Accent

“It’s levi-o-sa, not levi-o-sar!”

That’s what the closed captioning said, when I checked because I didn’t think Hermione Granger had said two different words.

“Dora the Explorer” rhymes…

if you’re a Kennedy.

Lara Craft was one of the original name ideas for Lara Croft.

They ditched it, according to the bonus material on the 2001 movie, because it sounded terrible when Americans pronounced it (Law-ra vs. Lah-rah), though it sounded perfect in a British accent.

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Introducing a Mister…?

I have such a hard time naming characters.  I have a few “strategies,” if you can call them that, and they’ve served me well so far.  But… if anyone has anything different to share- please let me know!  I’m always open to new ideas!

Sometimes something pops into my head.  Sometimes a letter does (oh, I have a lot of K names, now how about an S).  Sometimes an implication or character trait demands attention (don’t worry, though- no “Sinestro“s here).  I have one notable gentleman in Bloodletting who had his tongue cut out, and his interpreters, not so skilled with the language, introduce him as “Vow, of Silence.”

Sometimes I have a general sound in mind, but that gets complicated when you consider accents, which I post briefly about here.

But this is all complicated by one little thing: what am I writing about: humans, or a world without them?  Here, my strategies diverge:

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