Cultural Differences are the Spice of… the World

I have the very good fortune of being surrounded by a wealth of culturally different people.  It’s given me some interesting perspectives to think about.  Even if you don’t write about humans, this information is pretty useful when you’re considering having different cultures clash (I have a very deep thread of “elemental” culture in my Worldtree series– the different races of Elves have their whole lives shaped by it).

I know I have a few revisions to do… so let me know if you have other examples!  I’m born and raised in so-upstate-I-could-spit-on-Canada New York, so I have an admittedly narrow world-view (my every piece of knowledge is shaped by my upbringing).  I know I’ve gotten readers in Canada, Russia, the UK, Greece, Germany, Jordan, and the Phillipines- so feel free to share!  I’d actually really love to hear some non-American opinions!

I am trying to keep this as neutral as possible, which means it’s going to be a little lot general in some places (talking about race is just plain difficult).

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