Why do we write?

I only just started posting on Writer’s Digest, and I only just started this blog… but the community is just so amazing, creative, supportive, and helpful that I have found it so profoundly easy to become attached.

A member of that community just lost his father.  And how do I know this?  Because he wrote a beautiful story about it, and shared it with us.  It’s a reply to the Never Ending Dream prompt, and you can read it here.  I was touched, just reading it, and then I realized…

I’ve always had a habit of skipping over numbers.  I don’t know why I never read numerals, but I don’t.  I re-read them.  The story was posted yesterday, the very same day that his father died.

I’m not sure what I will do when I lose someone that dear… I will cry and scream and cry and cry and cry and beg the universe to undo it… but write?  I never thought about it before.  But every time I’ve lost someone dear, I’m flooded with emotion, and what better way to express that than in prose or poetry or song or art?

So why do we write?  I think it’s always to release something, whether that be pent-up creativity or persistent emotion.

So to Tim Smith, I say, thank you for sharing your story.  I hope it was just the catharsis you needed, for that moment.


Ruminations on Death in Literature

The Never Ending Dream prompt from Writer’s Digest spawned my last post, and, as usual, generated a stream of amazing responses on their site.  This one is without a doubt my favorite.  The author and I then entered a small discussion about death in literature, and it got me thinking about the subject.  And so here I am, typing away.

Spoiler alert: in my writing, people tend to die.

My acting editor/enslaved boyfriend can back this up: he knows exactly what I’ve done if I tell him “I’m a bastard.”  It means I’ve written another death, and it was probably someone we care about as readers, and I made it sad.

The following are a few points on death and dying from my personal experience, and my writing habits.  I’d love to hear your opinions: please comment away.

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