Character Development

Back in 8th grade, I had a bunch of creative friends and a few of them decided to allow friends to create characters for their stories (this is cool in some ways, but also gets you things like Kokuei, whose hair color I couldn’t just leave simple… “black hair… with green bangs… with blue streaks… and white tips”).

I decided to take this a step further since my parents had a nice new computer and printer, and I made up a form.  I started having friends design characters for… the project devoutly-to-be-hidden-away-from-the-light-of-day (my boyfriend is supposed to love me.  Even he laughed in my face.  If it were a drinking game where you do a shot every time you laugh, you’d be hospitalized by page 10.  More on that here, if you like.).

I have long since lost my character development sheet, but it was to the effect of:

  • Character basics: name, race, age
  • Character-istics: height, hair color, eye color, tattoos, scars, etc.
  • Character quirks: accent, rampant phobia of butterflies (seriously, why did anyone let me make characters for them?), etc.
  • Character favorites: food, drink, color, etc.
  • Character back story: origins, goals, motivations, etc.

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