Temporary Hiatus

I… I think we need to take a break.  I know, I know, I was already taking a break; we haven’t even spoken since before Thanksgiving.  I don’t mean to sound cliched, but… it’s not you, definitely not you.  It’s me.  This is all me.  See, right now, I have to prioritize school.  Our relationship is precious to me, but… it’s all or nothing.  I wish I was stronger, for the both of us.  I wish I could find a balance.  But I’m not, and I’m incapable.  It has to be all or nothing.  I’m sorry I’m so weak.  Maybe, someday, we can be together again.  I miss our talks.  I miss laughing and thinking and discussing.  I hope we can have that… once life calms down again.

Love eternal,


Okay, so maybe that was dramatic as hell, but if I’m continuing my hiatus, I figured I may as well leave you entertained. 

If you want to know more, read on.

I started this and ran with it and still have lots of ideas for it, including that previously promised series on my *very* old writing, culture (I’ll even have some more inspiration from that Christmas party I’m throwing tomorrow for all my foreign friends), and even a comic on grammar and writing and teaching and whatever else I feel like (like xkcd, but with better stick figures, less math, and more crude jokes).

But no… just no…  Right now, I have to prioritize school, and it really is all or nothing.  This all needs to take a major back seat to reality.  I am a PhD student, and I have a comprehensive examination to take next semester in the form of writing and defending a research proposal.  I also have three papers I’m working on, and I’m hoping the break in teaching that comes with December will give me the edge I need to get a lot of research done fast.

Believe me, this blog isn’t the only thing on hiatus.  I’ve also banned myself from writing for leisure.  I can’t afford to become inspired right now; it’s all or nothing when it comes to working on my novels.  I can’t live half-way.

So, expect nothing at all whatsoever in December… absolute worst-case scenario of doom, I’ll be buried in my proposal all the way through to when it’s absolutely due in May.

This is not the post #42 I was hoping for, and so as soon as I’m ready to post again, this will go away.


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