The Benevolence of Birth

As per my promise, I’m tackling the tough issues this month.

  • Why don’t writers linger on labor?
  • Why don’t we ponder popping precocious prenates?
  • Why are we beguiled by birthing babies?
  • Why don’t we describe the girth of the groin?
  • No, really, why is coming up with these so much fun?

I would like to start by saying that I’ve never had a child.  As such, my reasoning may be flawed.  What I say here is based on my own limited knowledge of the subject.

That being said, you don’t generally read all the details.  Like how they figure out how dilated your cervix is.  Like episiotomies vs. pushing too early and tearing yourself instead.  Like getting an enema or crapping yourself in front of a room full of strangers.  Like the lovely gore the youngling is covered in upon birth.  And how about that afterbirth?

I think we need to take make the push, writers, and tackle this tough issue.  Who’s with me?


One thought on “The Benevolence of Birth

  1. I think sometimes such details are not important to the plot, or rather, authors don’t make them important and editors cut them (if any are there) out of a story mercilessly and, to be honest, rightfully so. There’s a Russian book, though, where abortion is described in so much detail (and it’s the beginning of the twenties century, so the abortion was literally made with a spoon) that it’s almost like a horror film. However, the details are very much part of the plot and relevant to the characters, and that’s what I’m talking about: it’s hard to incorporate into a unique personality something that is fairly common across all people.

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