Happy Halloween! Scary story time!

Halloween is the best damn day of the year.  To celebrate, I’ll write you a scary story.  Also, I’m dressed as a totally kick-ass pirate.  What about you?

It Rises

It was a dark and stormy night, somewhere entirely different.  Where our heroine awaits her moment of victory, though, it’s bright and sunny.  There are no clouds in the early-morning sky, and that lack of cloud-cover overnight made for a very cold sort of morning.  The dew had frozen to a light coating of frost on everything, and some of the world looked distinctly pastel and cheery, despite the fact that it was Halloween.

Now, our heroine was a simple girl of childish nature, and dressed up each and every year for Halloween.  This year, like the last, she planned to hand out candy to the neighborhood children that came by.  She had meticulously packed a good mix; she hated when children took one piece instead of a handful, and bags saw to that handily.  She personally liked pretty much all the candy she had gotten over the years (except those horrid Mary Janes), but she knew a lot of children that hated chocolate or hated non-chocolate candies.  Therefore, each bag was an even mix of them.

This year they would have pizza and play spooky games all night, like this one about Lovecraftian Ancient Ones rising to destroy the world.  They had, previously, faced and defeated Atlach-Nacha.  He would have gone down like more of a bitch if her friends knew how to fight.  They had faced Hastur.  The King in Yellow killed the crap out of them, and the world was lost.  What horror would they face tonight?  Dread Cthulu?  Fate would decide.

So she went through her day to its end, and returned home to ready.

But when the first child knocked on the door, there was a strange look about him.  Well, more strange than was to be expected.  She couldn’t decipher his strangeness, and she passed it off, relating the information to her friends.

But the children became more and more strange, and her comprehension of them grew more and more cloudy.  Mothers held costumed babies and kissed their twisted little features without a care.  And it seemed always that no one was there to witness their grotesque features with our heroine; she answered the door alone each time.  And each time, she could not describe the non-Euclidean horrors before her.  They defied description.  She decided that Lovecraft’s literature hadn’t been so cheap on the adjectives after all.

It came time for the game to be played, but something within told her they would not be playing for sport or victory.  Some nagging feeling, reflected in the faces of all the little horror-cherubs that came ringing their screaming doorbell.

Their foe was Azathoth.  She knew she had to stop him before he woke, or the world would end.  There was no chance to fight.  There was no fighting.  He was destruction, and he would come swiftly.

The first any of the others noticed of the oddities were the screams every time a new monster was placed on the game board.  They passed it off as children outside.  Our heroine did not.  She poured all her effort into the game.

The fear grew within her.  A sinking feeling welled in the pit of her stomach.  Her heart fluttered some unsteady rhythm in her chest.  They were losing the world.  Azathoth would awaken.

She couldn’t hold it back anymore.  She ran to the bathroom and vomited until her stomach could heave forth no more semi-liquid terror.  She hugged the porcelain, knowing that she would meet her undignified end there.  She didn’t want to watch; she wanted to hide.  But she knew, no matter where she went, that the monster would find her, and she would be devoured along with the rest of the world.

“Well, shit.”

“That’s it?”

“He’s awake.  The world is over.”

The group took a moment to reflect, then began clearing away the cards from the table.  The game’s master looked up.  “Dude, you might want to go check on your girlfriend.”

“Yeah… she drank waaay too much tonight.”

The End

Get it?  It’s called “It Rises”- just like her dinner!  Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw!

But the moral of this story, kids, is not to get sugar high and drink your weight in alcohol tonight, especially if Ancient Ones are involved.  Have an awesome Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Scary story time!

  1. This is a great contribution to Halloween, I especially enjoyed the writer’s note in the end, you seem to be in a playful mood today))) Thank you, Jenny.

    • Svapne says:

      I love me some Halloween, so it puts me in a playful mood. 🙂

      It’s based on a true story, too. We did play Arkham Horror last night, and the Ancient One was Ithaqua. We sealed enough gates that he did not emerge, though. We’re awesome. Despite me rolling literally 13 failures in a row.

      But most importantly, I didn’t drink to excess, so my world didn’t end. 🙂

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