Your Arch Enemy: A WD Prompt

“Everyone has an arch enemy, but until now, you never knew who your enemy was. That all changed one grueling night when, while on vacation, your evening was ruined by your enemy. What’s more peculiar is that your enemy is a famous celebrity! Write about your evening, who your famous arch enemy is and what you did to redeem the night.”
-Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt: Your Arch Enemy

My response:

The following is a true story:


So there I was, enjoying what passed for a vacation when you’re a grad student: a 4 day weekend to go to a friend’s wedding, where 2 of 4 days are chewed up by train rides from north-enough-to-spit-on-Canada- New York to Philadelphia, PA.

I jumped on my king sized bed, marveled at the kitchenette, extolled the virtues of the two separate TVs in the bedroom and living room, and generally just had a merry old time.  But then… oh then…

So I was on the internet, you see, reading these responses to a some writing prompt when a bunch of these sort of local celebrities on the forum -jeez, you’re not even gonna believe this- these guys took all the good ideas!  I mean, here I am, with nothing at all to write about, no drop of inspiration on how a celebrity ruined my vacation, and these guys come up with all these amazing ideas.  I mean, they just blow my flimsy ideas out of the water.  The Easter bunny and the Tooth Fairy!?  I was completely outgunned.  So much for being able to contribute in a meaningful way.

Thanks a lot.  Ugh.

One thought on “Your Arch Enemy: A WD Prompt

  1. Svapne says:

    …Brian’s late with his next post again… Shenanigans are ensuing:

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