Word of the day…

We interrupt this generally-more-sophisticated-than-that blog to bring you the analysis of a word, a word so beautiful in its simplicity… an adjective of vaguely French and Dutch origin, with a definition that bends to the will of those who wield this most potent word.  It evokes such depth of meaning, such incredible boundless feeling that it is hard to believe it is only contained in six little letters.  The root does not stop there, oh no, it goes on to become a noun and a verb and a whole little world revolves around its monosyllabic perfection.  If only all words could hold such meaning…

So without further ado, I present to you my adjective (or does it transcend such a dull classification?) of the day:


Let its praises be heard across the land!

On a semi-serious note, though, I do love the word “smurfy.”  Made-up words are an adorable trope, and one that can be easily abused and over-used.  This one works so perfectly, though.  Made-up words are just the best, because we can decide what they mean.  I’ve got a few little bits of invented words wherever I can manage it in my own writing.  My fascination goes back to elementary school and things like “neroistilistinific” and through “eeshna” in high school.  Nowadays, all my words are too real, but they still feel made up.  “Transesterification”?

What about you?  Personal examples?  Any other great literary or pop culture examples?

On an unrelated note… happy 27th post!


2 thoughts on “Word of the day…

  1. Pop culture: “Shiny.”
    I realize this labels me as the die-hard Firefly fan that I am, but it just works so well! Whenever something is good you say “Shiny.” It’s fantastic and also singles out other browncoats. Yes, I’m a very large nerd at heart, but aren’t we all?

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