Putting the Accent on the Accent

“It’s levi-o-sa, not levi-o-sar!”

That’s what the closed captioning said, when I checked because I didn’t think Hermione Granger had said two different words.

“Dora the Explorer” rhymes…

if you’re a Kennedy.

Lara Craft was one of the original name ideas for Lara Croft.

They ditched it, according to the bonus material on the 2001 movie, because it sounded terrible when Americans pronounced it (Law-ra vs. Lah-rah), though it sounded perfect in a British accent.

So in my recent posts about naming characters and Harry Potter, it occurred to me that even the name “Harry Potter” sounds far, far better in a British accent than an American one.

I suppose I have the advantage of a terribly, horribly un-classy, un-exotic accent, so I come up with generally good names to balance it out, I think.  But I’ve never really tested them to see if they held up.

Maybe I have some accents to horribly butcher in the pursuit of science.  How about you?

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