My Problem: A WD Prompt

“Finish these sentences: “I have a little bit of a problem. I like to ______. It all started when I was ______, when _______.” Use this as a jumping point into a fictional story.”
-Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt: My Problem

My response:

I have a little bit of a problem.  I like to kill.

The sweet tragedy of the victims’ pain brings me to a crushing catharsis that I find… addictive.

It all started when I was in eighth grade, when I murdered my first victim.  Victims, actually: two very loving parents with a brat of a girl that managed to escape.  Their screams will echo in her ears forever; it’s just so beautiful I could cry.

I had a few failed attempts… half-cocked plots that were too easily escapable.  I ensnared a few of lesser minds, but these slaughters gave me no sustenance.  I even murdered this… goddess… of a woman, and… nothing.  I almost gave up my rampage, but then…

The next one I murdered was the girl’s sister.  It was tragic and beautiful and full of sacrifice and heart-felt emotion.  Their pain was as my pain, and it was as cleansing as the autumn rain.  I found myself again, and with self-rediscovery came a far more crafty killer.

There were those here and there… the next that stood out was a military man, beloved by his wife and his fellow soldiers.  I think I felt my soul shudder when I heard her plaintive screams.  A simple dagger in the gut brought me the sweetest feeling I have ever known.

Oh, who’s next?  There are so many…  I’ve killed a universe’s worth.  I began a plague of horrible proportion just to watch the poor bastards squirm.  Each death- so very deeply personal, so impeccably intimate- brings me my sweet drug of sorrow.

And I won’t lie… I’ll kill again… and again… and again: until the world trembles in fear and bows at my feet, worshiping me for the great goddess that I am!  I am their Shiva, and they will be right to hold fear.  None of them can stop me.  None have the power.

But it is their pain I find so sweet… so beautiful and touching… it fills a void within me, by hollowing out one inside someone else.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s fair… or if maybe I’m the sick bastard here…



So this brings me to my question, the one burning in my soul, and I can think of none better to answer me than you:

Do you think that, maybe, my writing is a bit *too* gruesome?

One thought on “My Problem: A WD Prompt

  1. Svapne says:

    In case it’s not clear, which it hopefully is if you’re following the course of this blog, this is an autobiographical piece (though it may have been made more clear by using up more of the 500 word budget). Some very valid concerns arose about the change in voice/ drop off of the last sentence didn’t fit, so here’s the explanation, in case you’re interested:

    The voice changes because I’m telling the story-

    -of the king and queen of the earthen Elves-
    -of the failed murderous dreamscape-
    -of the goddess of balance, driven to madness-
    -of Trystav, the poor tortured thing-
    -of General Kyoucirin of the Dark Elf army-
    -of The One, she who will end the universe-
    -of the fae, and the plague set upon them-
    -and of all the poor souls to come…

    This story is my story. I chose Shiva as my analogy because of the destroyer of worlds aspect, but also because Shiva is the patron of the arts… but mostly because in another life, Shiva is also the creator.

    But if it needs this much explaining, it’s not a good prompt response. I’ll try harder next time. 🙂

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