The Post That Wasn’t There: A [sorta] WD Prompt

“You walk down the street, and suddenly stop next to a curiosity shop, transfixed by some odd glass bauble(s) in the window. You simply must have them, so you go in to purchase them. What are they? What happens next?”
-The Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt That Isn’t There

Click here for a good time.

No, really… I wouldn’t steer you wrong, dear (mostly anonymous and unfortunately unwilling to comment) readership.

This week, Tuesday came without a Writer’s Digest Prompt, and we, the flock without our shepherd, ran astray.  I suggested we make our own prompts, and instead of seeing a flood of exercises, they took the one I posted (quoted above) and ran with it.

It’s a lot of reading, but… SO.  TOTALLY.  WORTH.  IT.

What are you still doing here?  Go read!  Make it so!

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