And the winner for favorite month goes to…

Well, that, for most people I know, is December.  But I also know a lot of Christians.

For me… I don’t know… December cheats.  It has so many good things in it, like my birthday and Christmas and New Years Eve (and actual vacation time, yipee!).

But my favorite month, not including December, which I hereby classify as a “super-month,” is October.  The fall is my favorite season, with its beautiful leaves and colors.  And October has Halloween.  Given that I like to think of anything but reality, what better holiday than one where you get to dress up like someone else and eat candy like it won’t ruin your figure?

But my dad hates fall.  It means everything looks like it’s dying and that winter will come soon.

So what about you guys?  I’d love to know what the general consensus is.

I’d also love to know your reasons- comment away!  I think this will provide useful information for developing characters.

3 thoughts on “And the winner for favorite month goes to…

  1. The toymaker says:

    For me it has to be November. It’s the month of chilly winds and the threat of snow. November reminds me that home-made soup and a roaring fireplace are on the way.

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