Critique- constructive or destructive- welcome here.

Well, I said I’d post about my adventure, and here I am.

Yesterday, I got my first critique!  Oh, you should read it- it was scathing and horrible and broke down into misspelled swears and accusations about my personal life in just three posts.  And to that gentleman, thought he may never read this, I say…

Thank you.

This was an inevitable step along the bumpy path to becoming a writer.  I won’t please everyone all the time.  My own boss hates fantasy, so I won’t have a fan there, and there are plenty more like him.  There will be people who hate my style (with my *long* sentences and my occasional fragments- which I will endeavor to clean up and clarify).

But you know what, that’s okay.

We don’t write creatively to make an bland row of all-the-same-shit on the bookshelves.  We write to make some variety, and that takes all of us.  Tolkein’s writing is downright painful, whereas LeGuin keeps it shorter and simpler.  And yet they both have fans.  We can’t all write with the same voice, or we’ll only be writing for one group of people.

So I’ll try to improve.  That’s what I’m here for, and that’s why I’ll keep posting on WD.

Love eternal,

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