Why do we write?

I only just started posting on Writer’s Digest, and I only just started this blog… but the community is just so amazing, creative, supportive, and helpful that I have found it so profoundly easy to become attached.

A member of that community just lost his father.  And how do I know this?  Because he wrote a beautiful story about it, and shared it with us.  It’s a reply to the Never Ending Dream prompt, and you can read it here.  I was touched, just reading it, and then I realized…

I’ve always had a habit of skipping over numbers.  I don’t know why I never read numerals, but I don’t.  I re-read them.  The story was posted yesterday, the very same day that his father died.

I’m not sure what I will do when I lose someone that dear… I will cry and scream and cry and cry and cry and beg the universe to undo it… but write?  I never thought about it before.  But every time I’ve lost someone dear, I’m flooded with emotion, and what better way to express that than in prose or poetry or song or art?

So why do we write?  I think it’s always to release something, whether that be pent-up creativity or persistent emotion.

So to Tim Smith, I say, thank you for sharing your story.  I hope it was just the catharsis you needed, for that moment.

4 thoughts on “Why do we write?

  1. John Howe says:


    I’m Jhowe from the Writers Digest writer prompt. Maybe I shouldn’t butt in but I was really upset with Peter W. and his comments. I really liked your story and had no problem with the Elf becoming the high priestess as she entertained The One. It was clear to me who was who. And your sentences, which he thinks are run on, are poetic and nicely readable.

    Maybe he didn’t bother you but I didn’t like his style at all. Maybe this is how it goes in these forums and I’m being too senstive. But regardless, I look forward to reading more of you stuff.

  2. Hi John!

    I saw your comment here before I saw the WD rant. Thanks for the support. I didn’t think I was being stubborn… I was asking if my perception and understanding of grammar was that wrong… I thought I had a pretty good grasp of it, and I thought I worded it carefully enough to not offend… I guess he’s just too insecure to be questioned. The whole dissecting and substituting and cutting phrases thing- to see if your sentences actually obey grammatical rules, is how I was instructed to go about it.

    Also, his “style”? That implies he has any. I assume it’s hanging out somewhere with his class, dignity, and civility.

    I’m so very glad you did step in, and made the effort to connect here. It really was hurtful to see that rant, as asinine as I know it is (how did that make it onto the board!? Who is in charge of that thing!?) and I would have probably quit daring to post there if it weren’t for some immediate support.

    Also, is it just a coincidence, or are you the famous illustrator John Howe?

    Thanks again. All my best.

    • John Howe says:

      It was good to see the Peter apologize at least. He still added some jabs. Keep posting, I like your stories. I do a little watercolor painting, but i’m not the illustrator.


      • I was glad to see that too… maybe we’ve reached some sort of diplomatic agreement. I must say, it was a shock to see that kind of think in a forum filled with educated, creative people… oh well. I guess I have to watch my mouth; some people don’t like being questioned, even if you’re trying to clarify your own possible misunderstanding.

        I will most definitely keep posting! I love your stories too. The self-referencing Contract prompt had me in stitches.

        Well, it is a cool coincidence, then.

        Nice getting to know you better!


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