The Never-Ending Dream: A WD Prompt

“At an old bookstore, you find a book that helps you interpret your dreams. But something is strange about it. You fall asleep reading the book, and find yourself in a dream that you cannot wake up from. What is it? And how will you snap back to reality?”
-Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt: The Never-Ending Dream

Now with a bonus addition to the story based on this prompt from the Daily Post!
(Check the comments for the rest of the story!)

My response:

[With my post from The Contract, this may actually have to become something bigger if I get more inspiration.  Right now, Lissa is a Mary Sue, albeit an exaggerated one, so I may need to work on that.  Anyway, enjoy!]

Excerpts from the Diary of Lissa Rowan


It took a long time to gather the courage (and my ID), but I finally got my tattoo.  It’s just like I said: Svapnaavasthaa, the state of the mind in a dream.  Sanskrit is beautiful.  I’m glad I ignored my secretive side and got it done, even though some of my Indian colleagues can read it.  And why shouldn’t they?  This is who I am.  I am a dreamer.



My favorite bookstore is closing.  I’ll miss it, but at least I can stock up on cheap books to tide me over until I find a new bookstore.  I’ve found some good old distracting fiction, some useful non-fiction, and –my favorite- even a few books on mythology and lore.  Some of the covers are so clever: not Necronomicon clever, but clever enough to look the part.



I loved the “Lucky Star Dream Book” as a child, but I love my new dream-book even more.  It has a great depiction of Morpheus, Greek god of dreams, on the cover.

The strangest part is its accuracy, even in simple things like stomach aches or being late to work.  It says ‘to dream of a maiden’ is to dream of ‘great things to come.’  So, we shall see!


I awoke from a coma three days ago.

I dreamed- for months- of going through my normal life.  I even dreamed I bought a car!  I dreamed of dreams and investigating their meaning.  I dreamed I wrote diary entries about them.  It was all so… vivid…  Could it really all be a dream?

I can’t bear to write all those entries again; they hurt too much.  But I can tell you that the world is coming to an end, just like it was predicted.  There is no single doubt in my mind, now.  I’ve double-checked the book.  What’s more, it says to dream as though awake means that great death is coming.

I wish I had never woken up…



I’m not even sure I’m really writing this, but it feels good to go through the motions.

The raised flesh of my tattoo never did settle back down; it refused to be ignored.  The spring green leaves on one side fade to the dull red-brown on the other, and I always thought it symbolized that I would dream from childhood to death.  I understand now that I will dream forever.  It’s comforting, since the world is ending.

I know there’s no real way for me to know if it will or not, but the book was very clear.  I don’t know how it will end, but I can dream.  I can dream how my loved ones die, having shunned my warnings.  I can see it 10,000 times in new and different ways, if I choose…  Or I can dream of pleasant things.

I suppose…  I should thank you, Morpheus, for this gift you have given me.

I will be your acolyte for eternity, and I will dream your praise.

Thank you for sparing me… from reality.

4 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Dream: A WD Prompt

  1. Everyone has day dreams and night dreams.Which ones are better,which ones have a meaning?I am a dreamer,day and night.

    • Same here, I suppose. The main character of this little story response dreams constantly of “more,” and I must confess to the same.

      As for day dreams vs. nigh dreams, I would have to say it depends on what experience is preferred: do you want control, or to go along for the ride? I find the second to be a much more exciting and rewarding experience.

  2. As per the Daily Post, I have a continuation for Lissa’s story…

    “If I could have frozen time, for even a moment, and could change any one thing, I would have saved them. I don’t know why such a silly, impossible thought is going through my head, but I do know that… I would try. I don’t want the world to end.
    “There are babies that haven’t seen the world. There are children that haven’t dreamed. There are young people that haven’t loved. There are old people that haven’t lived. It’s not fair. I would give my everything if I could save them.
    “But the only stillness to come is the stillness of a world gone dead. It’s the stillness of empty space, the stillness of the vacuum. It’s cold and lonely and overflowing with sorrow…
    “But with this loss, I remember that I have him. I have Morpheus, my dream-god, and he has saved me. And if I can’t regain what I’ve lost, I’m prepared to be grateful for what I’ve gained.”

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